Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Chuck

My Mandamus is still active – docket 463 MD 2017
The PAG lawyer lady was to give a responds to my brief I filed – Her responds was that the PSP took me off the registry 9 Feb 2018 – in her eyes the case in mandamus that I filed should not be moot. (I AM OFF THE REGISTRY)

But the court has not given me a “judicial determination” on my mandamus. You would think I would be jumping for joy because I am off the registry. But I am not because I know and I see that HB 1952 is coming down the street and it will be a law that the PSP will use to make attempt to re position me back on the registry under what they call now punitive civil collateral consequences.

I will they have to apply the portion of HB 1952 that I been trying to get across to you known as “JUDICAL DETERMINATION” under HB 1952 page 109 lines 5-14 (house version) or page 111 lines 1-21

This you say is the muniz case that got me off. so why would HB 1952 put me back on?

The PSP sent me a letter today which said that I was removed from the registry BUT IN their leeter it stated in bold print theses words. I quote the PSP:
“Please be advised – thought we have removed your information under the effects of the Muniz decision, t h e P S P may be compelled to review your file to determine whether you are required to register again as a sexual offender pursuant to new legislation in response to Muniz.” (HB 1952)

Chuck – what are they saying to me? Don’t it sound like double talk? We’ll let you off by Muniz, but when HB 1952 becomes law, we will require you to register again under HB 1952.

Chuck this is the true reason for the “judicial determination” if it is Muniz why would they be putting me on blast to get ready to get back on the registry under some legislature Muniz response? They are telling me I will have to go get something from a court judge that will make muniz work for me again. RIGHT? You tell me. . . . .

The PSP is following MUNIZ now because they have too – it is the law right now. The legislatures are in process of destroying Muniz under HB 1952 for some people that Muniz like me. . . . .

There is a reason tha HB 1952 said something about a judicial determination WHAT IS THAT? dO YOU HAVE ANY COMENT ON WHAT IS THAT?