Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


I left USA!
WHY? After I had a non violent lewd act with female minor & put on probation in Iowa in the year 1978 and forgot about some probation agent that was suppose to contact me, since I was from another state traveling through in a rock band
a arrest warrant was issue,
Until 1998
when Calif parole found out,
they illegally made me register sex offender in 98, had a good job, good wife a than 5 yr son also became a successful artist after getting clean and sober, while on parole, had jobs, housing etc,
HEY>lost everything. and still haven’t seen my wife (ex now) and son who is now 18 thanks to CALF parole destroying another family and making money off me by violating my parole many times for relapsing back to drugs after they destroyed my family by keeping me away from my son, they loved keeping me their corrupt system 10 more years for a one year non violent offense back in 97!
RECOMMEND leave USA as I did once off parole, best decision of my life, NO WAY can anyone live a decent life as a register sex offender in USA, now retired, my life clean and sober, successful as a yoga teacher/artist living in a 2 bedroom condo for only $250.00 a month,and happy as a very good citizen in my new country, AMERICA love it or leave it. Its has become a police state and any label on you is to keep you under police control and be treated like a criminal the rest of your life, destroying any chance of a normal life or relationships.