Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Jim B

Chuck Muniz gives 4500 people their right to get taken off the registry why should someone grieve that? I really think you are somehow including your two yr time left to register into their win. You said we not me has 2 yrs. You are the one that keeps defending PSPs actions they have stepped out side of law enforcement by knowingly delaying things and fighting people being taken off the reg thats not their place and the courts have repeatedly told them this. I as well as many others here have respect for the officers that risk their lives protecting the public but to say we need to respect them trailing on our rights is crazy. You given up is your own issue don’t include the people that are looking for a way to hold PSP accountable for what they are doing. Many peoples future looks a hell of a lot better since Muniz and by the looks of things people like Aaron Marcus are going to keep taking the fight to them We need to ignore the SJW BS around us feeding off our injustice and focus on brining down these laws. Believe it or not most of the spew that comes from these sites is a result of co dependent SJW we have to deal with it because SOs can’t seem to organize without this symbiotic relationship. Lets find some attorneys to hold PSP accountable who cares if it takes longer than the new bills eventually we will get our hits in for the next guy. What if all the guys at normandy just said we are going to die so why fight they died so the guys behind them would live So as my old man always said you want to be a man or mouse?