Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Wow talk about a political law or man made just laws. Isn’t this whole as people have said on here “witch hunts” thats motivated by collision. Are these sex sting operations not fear based in one’s underatanding. One can’t do this and one can’t do that. One has to let others know about all this for the public’s safety.
I guess governemt doesn’t learn and read the bible and seem to be the God of this world and at the same time breaking commandments, causing lifes to be in confusion, and doing unjustice to others. Is the Government for the people and of the people or by the people as they say. Is this the Government people wanted? I’m in Virgina and I am willing to go to the capital with anyone to show support. I am also aware that people not even associated with sex offendders, knowing the real story behind a lot of these ordeals would be willing also.
I agree with a lot of these comments on here. The protests and violence I don’t agree with as that never solved anything. Man has always wanted to be right… haven’t they. Sure we can talk about constution and laws but who is the true law.. isn’t that principal. Did the Vietnam war open anybody’s eyes. Now 30 years latter we have this sex dilemma. I still believe people need to work out this sex situation with biblical insight. So can we all join forces and speak up about this even in the mist of man’s philosophical wisdom or judgement. We can all use this opportunity to help mankind in these ordeals. I’m not proud of sex sting ordeals. Ask yourself this would God give on an opportunity to sin as in these sex ordeals, to lie, cheat, bear false wittness. a little bit of the gospel goes a long way.