Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

Jim B

SW Good points what gives us power is to focus on the unconstitutional laws they are passing Getting caught up in SJW schemes only makes things worse Most of the moral problems are due to or justified by way of the unconstitutional laws allowing the government to own us or contain us. Once we put a stop to the reg laws the other things will fall without us trying to push an agenda on them. If everyone pooled the resources into the effort to bring down these laws it can work because the info is false and the laws are unconstitutional. Working to bring these facts to the public via wins in the court is the only thing that gets reporters and politicians to acknowledge the truth. Look at the recent articles about Muniz and the comments from PA senator Greenleaf to prove this point without the Muniz decision that would not have happened. We are trying to put the cart way infant of the horse. Lets win some more cases in every state.