Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


We won the fight. It’s over. Muniz is the law of the land.The new law will be challenged. Going to take to wind through the system but it will get there. I feel as though we are allowing the hurt we feel to affect our decision making. We have to grieve before we can heal. In order to grieve, we have to recognize that we all had paid and will pay a price for being on the registry until all is removed. It is human nature to exuclude the minority that the majority cannot understand. It hurts being excluded especially after you were told you wouldn’t be excluded.

I have had friends tell me that society should never fully forgive any criminal becuase they broke the law. My argument is that we are all human and mistakes happen. They can’t see it becuase they have never been arrested.

We have to look upon this mess as a learning experience. One, the state doesn’t care what they had promise, they can and will change their mind. The courts may call them on it but that will be years later.

Let it out guys. Sometimes just saying this hurts really bad, helps with the pain. The last thing we want to do is get a chip on our shoulder against law enforcement. Their are just doing their jobs the best they can.

So in conclusion, the fight has been won, time to put the weapons down and grieve for the future we lost that we thought we were going to have.