Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Who knows what evil lerks in the hearts of man, only the shadow knows.or who knows the evil mysteries of men? You know I am glad this sex debate is opening up and even those people in Nabraska are uptight about a lot of this ordeal. News’ articles should let the public know about this dilemma.
Me when I got started with this and wanting to seek help I knew that a lot of this ordeal was all wrong. Sure I sought out Derek’s site and he gave me some words about Janice I would not rather not want to mention but you see are we all confused. Now here I come on to NARSOL with my little bit of Gospel talk at times and at times nobody wanted to hear that. Its as if it was going against this whole ordeal that NARSOL and others were trying to fight. Oh yes some were nice and read the comments and some even judged in certain ways.
But here’s the thing about these internet encounters and these sting operations. Do they justify man, Do they justify man’s law, or can man justify him or herself? I know these are things nobody wants to hear about or should we all have learned these principals in church.
Sure there is going to be pro’s and con’s about all this registry ordeal but in the end who win’s? Now we can go about man wanting to win, but its not about man wanting to win. Its really about principals. Sure sometimes we all have to take the bitter with the sweet in life but with some of this ordeal, punishment, and wrong doing who is right. I don’t want to be right myself and I believe we all want justice. Sometimes I wonder if God still loves how bad we all can be at times. I wonder how corrupt governments can sleep at nights and I wonder fi we are just walking dead or zombies as someone said on here.
Is this the shadow of death we are walking in. The bible says fear no evil, so yes we all should stand up to this work to help others get back to the love thy neighbor and God aspect.