Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

Veronica Williams

The Dialogue must continue and we must continue it, I have a loved one on the registry, and we have started conversations on the issues, in our local community to address the systematic ways the registry is used to keep persons in prisom. This is a tactic to be used as a method of fear, the registry is harsh and is a barrier to civil rights all the way. It’s impact on emerging adults is horrific. Our children face major setbacks if we continue with this.

The registry does not keep anyone safe as statistic and data has shown, So for those of us who are willing to use our voices for the voiceless, we must do so. For those of us corageous enough to raise awareness and know the consequences, as Dr. King said I may not get there with you, but mine eyes have seen the glory, we must continue the fight. We have our dignity and our right to stand up for our loved ones and ourselves, to be striped of the right to live and have a job, to be married and have children is not a privelidge its a right to life.

I will not lay down my torch and sit silently by, by letting another human being suffer in silence.Where is the dignity in that. It is wrong..Many children are suffering from the registry, Young emerging adults on the registry, it will not stop unitl we make some noise, we must save ourselves to save our children. We must be heard.