Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

I went through 5 years of forced counselling and enjoyed most of the weekly stories and was able to interject some of my thoughts on the various subjects brought up. However, the counselling was a waste of my time and money as I had long before recognized my failure and due to my upbringing, on my own, took corrective action. The last chapter of my rehabilitation happened in 2001 when I was afforded the opportunity to attend a Kairos weekend. It was there that I realized that my deceased wife would not want me to stay in the state of depression that had lead to my failure. It was up to me to get back into the ‘game of life’. On the last day of the weekend I was able to forgive myself…not easy…and ask for and receive God’s forgiveness. In front of a group of inmates I broke down and cried. I regretted that I had so squandered the gifts God had given me and made a pledge to myself and God to get on with life. It has not always been easy but it has been uphill ever since. I wake up each day looking forward to the challenges of the day. My victim and I have reconciled and we have restored the father-daughter relationship we once had. My family is coming back together and we can once again look forward to the future. Once the restrictions that still restrain me are removed I plan to get even more active in speaking for those who may feel they have no voice. NARSOL and FAC are one of the best things that have happened to me during this time and I consider them a God-sent answer for many. Support of these organizations are well worth any sacrifice it may entail. There is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and it’s not a locomotive…it’s restored citizenship and it will mean ever so much when it happens.