Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Chris
Now you are clarifying the facts –
The PSP ML section will see your case as a Muniz – decision case.

You will soon get a letter automatically taking you off the web-site.

If you put them on notice by calling they – the process can speed up .
The phone number is on the web site.

Ask them if your file is in their office or the review office.

If they say that your file is still in their office – – Your record has not been data tracked yet for Muniz review.

If your offence was before 20 Dec 2012 and yours seen to be – You will be re-classified automatically. The only problem is that the PSP has said that they will take 9 to 18 months to do all Muniz decision cases.

I do not know how many they do a day. But they are at work. The ML section will determine whether Muniz affects your registration .

I filed a Mandamus WRIT 13 Oct 2017 and it made it to the PSP and PAG and they acted fast on just the filing of the mandamus to put me off fast.

My case is still active . as 463 MD 2017 and it is not going to be withdrawn by me….. I need a judge determination on my case because that HB 1952 is around the cornor to attack Muniz – decision people to give 90 days to get right back on the PSP registry.