Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries


Yes we all should be angry about all of this. Now this gun killing in Florida came up about the time of this debate, so is the sex registry situations more wrong than this gun killing in Florida? Lets all ponder about this for a minute as it sorts of makes the sex offender registry also bad in a way. Sure guns are to protect “ones” life when its in real danger or life threating situations. Does the sex offender kill ones self worth, their conscious, have social stigma’s attached to them. Those in law enforcment should understand about all this before they bring one down.

Now did the sex offender kill anyone, yet they touch or had intercourse with another against ones will, and some got caught up thru this internet ordeals. One is a real time deal and one is a set up to try and see, or maybe even a come on, or a permission, if people go for sex. Thats all it is. It is very rare that we see an Adam Walsh ordeal or this Megan ordeal and yes those were sad, but one has to look at the mental issues as well to be fair. Do we all self incriminate ourselves in these matters or do we all play as a Louie the lush or a Patty Hurst?

None of of these issues are going to be a quick fix over night, whether its about gun’s control the mental state of people, or this biggy we are all in the sex offender issue and yes NARSOL is about the sex offenders but I’m sure we all do have compassion for whats happing in the USA today.

Now here’s the good news that one should of learned in Sunday school or even America Government. I know Church and State are seperated but God and Man aren’t. It tells us not to kill. What are we all doing today. Ponder on that one. With these sex offenses set up on the internet, who is killing who. Is the man holding the triger as in these computer set ups. Who is who is giving the opportunity Law enforcement or who is judging another. With the gun who is giving the opportunity the man with the gun or which is worse. Who controled the situation, the man with the gun or the cop with the computer?, Were they both wrong. Course the guy holding the gun could of had some delusion or mental condition but the cop knew what he was trying to acheive but who was right in this situation…. no one. Sure there are rules to live by…. the police broke the rules and the man with the gun broke the rules.