Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

Free with Shackles

Well, I will say it again and again until someone realizes that state registry aids and abets in any crime that is perpetrated against a registered citizen by supplying the only way the crime can be committed. If I drove you to a bank and unbeknown to me you robbed the bank, came out and we drove off and cops pulled us over who would get arrested? Well, both of us because without me driving you to the bank you could not have robbed it. Same with registry, they supply the information the perp uses it to harm or kill a registered citizen, are the complicit in the crime? I ask you.Without the information would the crime ever have happened? Probably not. If this isn’t aiding and abetting then they need to change the definition. State officials were elected to serve and protect and whether they like it or not WE ARE still citizens which they are obliged to protect. They want to protect only those they choose to. They feed the public placebos on what will protect them when it’s been proven NONE of their restrictions can stop someone who is of the mind to re offend. All their proposals are proven ineffective and are designed to placate the public and for votes. What the public needs is TRUTH and education.