Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Jim B

Sandy I’m going to try and keep it simple for you. No one is going off topic the examples used were for your benefit to understand the big picture here. I am not sure what makes you think that someone needs to post studies of fact when they make a statement you are not aware of and in-turn automatically disagree with. No one is asking you to post studies when you speak. I think you have an issue with thinking your knowledge on this topic supersedes mine. When I have personally have been involved with these issues from 2000, and have studied them in great detail and have spoke with many professionals that specialize in these matters, in which on more than one occasion they have said that civic jobs such as fire fighting but not limited to, not mention chief fire fighters, that afford people power and prestige in communities see a high amount of people with narcissistic personality disorder and sex offenders. You not being aware of this is one thing, trying to pass the buck on to me is another. I decided to let you do the research and report it back to us. You may want to confer with robin on this I believe he is in the field. And to stay on topic we are not talking about public registration here as you have just noted we are talking about the public and their right to decide as a whole who to trust in positions that put the public at risk. Forcing your moral believes on the general public does nothing to help the public registration problem we both agree is unconstitutional it only makes it worse. Some how the minority has assumed they have the right to control the majority, not a good way to show the public where things are wrong with the registry laws. I thank you for having the courage to allow my posts. I look forwards to hearing how your research goes on this issue.