Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


…and of course, there will be those that would scream at top of their lungs “but, but, what about the victims” “what about the victims’ rights” “what about the victims’ need to feel safe since they are scarred for life” (as you know, all “victims” are scarred for life! *sarcasm*) or “those offenders/criminals can not/will not be rehabilitated” and many people’s favorite “think of the children!”.

-I am not interested in legal advice, but just a simple question to be answered by someone that knows an accurate answer to my question-
Does anyone know if I would qualify for SSD/SSI? I have tried for so many years to be a productive citizen and for a time I was. Until of course, someone anonymously decided to bring up bogus accusations because of my past as sell it to the media which picked it right up for days and in several languages. Never have harmed anyone and I would not ever by choice unless it was self-defense. It has been years and have not been able to pick up the pieces in full financially, mentally since. Now I am marred by physical health problems that have shown about and living with family members that want me out, but have not thrown me out, yet (even though I have and do contribute with laborious task around their home).