Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

Je Vizzusi

The problem is reformists talk a good talk and nothing happens. Here in Florida as mentioned RSOs have been given death sentences no matter the severity of the crime. I’m a filmmaker with a small video company and my case is 26 years old. I too was harassed by unknowns first through a trade school outlet and then thrown off of facebook years ago. There are trolls on the web that will find your flyer and hurt you. The Artist has a strong case of defamation and can prove the lost of revenue. In my case, I tell my clients what happened in my case which was nicknamed Entrapped in Florida. We the citizens must rise above these insane laws and ordinances. We must fight on and never lose hope. My registry deletion is in sight and Florida Board of Clemency also has my case in investigation. We can’t just sit around until we are thrown out of our home’s and lives destroyed because some City says they don’t want us living in their neighborhood. I hope the article writer sees my testimonial here. I’m known through Florida Action Committee as JEV True Confessions. My case is the most bizarre ever. And I have no felony record! Contact
Centralhsd at