Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


I call RSOs the “Real Walking Dead”. As an RSO I attend FORCED treatment classes, that I am required to pay for or else, which amounts to state sponsored extortion; but that’s another conversation. Anyway, In my so called treatment classes we discuss a wide variety of topics, politics, religion, but the majority of our discussions are about the 1) the legal aspect or the unconstitutionality of sex offender laws, and 2) (a) how being subject to registry/residency laws is a SOCIAL DEATH penalty, 2) (b) how being subject to registry/residency laws “EMASCULATES” a man. Yes, emasculates a man. But to discuss the first aspect, i.e., the unconstitutionality of SO laws. Specifically, these laws violate: a) Ex Post Facto or Article 1 Sec 10 Clause 1 of the US Constitution. Ex Post Facto is where the state/government pass laws and apply them retrospectively or backward. A simple example. You leave work to go home but on the way you run a red light, a cop pulls you over, gives you ticket, you go the court house on a Monday and pay a $50 fine and go home. But on Wednesday the city counsel meets and decides to increase traffic fines from $50 to $300 and guess what? This ordinance is back dated a year meaning everyone who has gotten a traffic ticket from that day back one year now has to come in and pay additional monies. So that $50 you paid is now $250 short. Get it? This new traffic fine law is an Ex Post Facto law my friend. And this is exactly what SO laws are when applied to someone who’s conviction and sentence predate the law. You are only subject to the law in effect at the time of your conviction. Just like that traffic ticket you got, the law at the time you got it called for all a $50 fine, but to extort more money out of you they moved the goal post, or changed the rules in the middle of the game. Same with SO laws. Myself as an example, my conviction came a full “13” years BEFORE the passage of any such laws here in TX; but that did not matter. I was still made subject to these laws once released from prison. And get this, TX has in it’s own state constitution a provision against Ex Post Facto laws but yet when it comes to people with sex crimes they pretend there is no such law. But this is because the US Supreme Court in “Smith v Doe” 538 u.s. 84 (2003) basically held that people with sex crimes have no constitutional rights and that states can do anything to them. This is why you see all these crazy, mentally retarded laws being proposed, and in a lot of cases passed by state legislators. Look at OK and AL for example with their castration of SOs proposals. Castration—WTF!!! So to me, the next iteration of sex offender laws will be Nazi style Concentration Camps, watch and see what tell you. Where else can they go with these laws? Now, as to the emasculation of male SOs, well, do I really need to explain this one? Think about it a minute. On the SO registry, men can’t be men. For example, head of your own house, the psychological debilitation, e.g., try standing at the head of the dinner table at Thanksgiving—get it? Trying planning a vacation or second honeymoon with travel restrictions. Try moving to another home with residency restrictions—get it? How do you think a man looks in the eyes of his spouse and his children under these circumstances? That my friend is EMASCULATION! But then proponents will try to counter with this stupid, juvenile and uninformed justification; “…will, you brought it all on yourself…” What??? These laws are post incarceration punishment plain and simple. Thank you…