Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

This is terry brunson – you do not have to give all the details of your case. The main thing of the main thing is – If your offense was before 20 December 2012 – and you are not now on probation or parole – The MUNIZ decision of July 2017 from the PASC

Now if you are still on paper of any Kind HB 631 will make you register. It is a law that just was passed. If you are not on paper and you still have time to do on the PSP registry. HB 1952 will effect you – WHEN IT BECOMES LAW. It is not law now – Muniz decision is the law now.

Were your increased in update of given more than ten years time on the deal you made with the court?
Answer and untangle what I am asking you and the truth will fall to you on where you are in the eyes of the PSP Megan’s Law Section