Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

obvious answers

America does not want shadow citizens to be anything more then shadow citizens and distracting punching bags.. Its desire for blood is so deep it has even went as far as to stalk, lie, pay, and threaten other country’s so as go after any shadow people who have managed to completely leave America so as to try and start a new life. Do not think it will ever end and do not think there is any “higher morality” in America.. It has never left its burning women and Christians while holding pot luck dinner roots..Look at the history..Those who are screaming for the blood of shadow people are the decedents of those same people who held huge celebrations while watching and smelling the flesh burn off of their neighbors.. The same people that butchered, raped, and annihilated the Native tribes are the same blood thirsty people creating and destroying those they have turned into shadow people now.. It will not end until they create more shadow people then non-shadow people and there is a bloody revolt.. for any imaginary step forward you fall 20 steps in reverse..for every time a state says you can have a job the country says we are branding your passports so you can not escape our vigilantism.. for every time a state says you can live here 10 states say you can live no where.. for every time a state says you can have an email address 10 states say you can not have internet. for every time a state says you can go here the country says we are restricting your right to even marriage….think about it..