Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Jim B

I bei\live you’re not seeing the point here. This has nothing to do with punishment, and everything to do with how criminals not just SO have a place in society once they have completed their punishment. Would the public out side of his influence zone accept this guy as a day care worker? My point is the public are the ones who decided this not biased people like you or him. Somehow you seem to be pushing the point he should be able to do any job he wants and nobody can say anything about it. This is what causes the public and law makers to turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional laws for RCs and now more citizens and groups of people. It is widely know that there is a high rate of sex offenders in the firefighting field and you should know that. Somehow you think because you say I haven’t heard of that one negates that well known fact. There also is a higher rate in fields of government and law informant Dynamics is something you should understand before you comment on things like this. I suggest you take a step back and do some research before you offer your self less act of allowing me to have an opinion and do me a favor of allowing my post to be passed through by you. This is why it is important to allow SOs to have in put on things like this because they know the dynamics. We all have consequences for our actions. I think it is astounding that people are actually justifying this and it only hurts the cause. The public does not have a duty to go back over someones crime that they have went to jail and punched for to find out if he can be trusted in positions that could put them at risk. They are making a general assumption that this guy hurt a 4yr old with is a F1 in PA the same as murder so unless god him self comes down and oks this guy the general public has its say. People that commit crimes like this have the ability to manipulate people around them so your point on being elect has no bearing on this argument. The most important thing to learn from this is all heinous acts like this are considered by the general public before they are accepted into positions where there is potential exposure to the public not just SO so by trying to fight that fact all we are going to do is cause more problems. The general public has more say then the people that elected him. Some people want to force society to accept things based on their blind moral compass and it is causing havoc all over the place right now.