Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

NH Registrant

I blame the media for the moral panic. They love a good sex story because it brings the eyeballs of secretly twisted/sadistic/vindictive people – of whom there are apparently enough to make ratings go up. Here in NH, our local TV news will report the same sex-crime story over and over again for days. I once saw them repeat the same story for a week and a half of a bus driver who got caught with bad images on his computer. Every single night it was the same.

People are being taught to hate each other along many social lines by the media and the government. And people swallow the order to hate-thy-neighbor without question because it gets drilled into their heads through propaganda repetition. Facts are twisted or are outright lies, details are exaggerated, and even the expression on the newscaster’s face completes the ACT. And it is an act.

It’s pretty sad how our society has become. In this day and age where Social Media has made us less social, people seem to care less and less about the people around them. All they care about is getting those likes/friends on Social Media. Everywhere you go, there are people whose faces are buried in their phones. So, any quick news blurb about a sex crime story can be fed into their brains instantly – and with the current state of Social Media’s witch-hunting against men – without any burden of proof. The court of public opinion doesn’t care about guilt or innocence. And, these days, most of our court system doesn’t either.