Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

Really? A high rate of sexual abusers in the ranks of firefighters? I must have missed that study. Jim, I approved your comment in order to give you an opportunity to support what you have said. And also please explain the influence that he brought to bear in order to get elected by his peers — twice. You appear to have inside knowledge into his life that the rest of us are lacking.

The response to crime needs to be appropriate punishment. The response to serious crime needs to be serious punishment. Policies and practices that continue punishment after a court-ordered sentence is satisfied and that make it impossible for a person to become a contributing member of his society are not appropriate. They are not in the best interest of society or public safety. They are not supported as effective by empirical evidence. They are not humane. They are no part of a civilized society.

And if wanting to be a contributing member of society and provide an important service for one’s community are signs of having “delusions of grandeur” or being delusional, then the world would be better if we all suffered from those maladies.