Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Jim B

The fact that someone volunteers for a position is moot. Besides we all should know that there is a high rate of sexual abusers that seek out positions in fire departments. This guy assuming there would not be ramifications from the public, outside the circle he was able to “influence” to vote him in, is a classic example of delusions of grander. I was being nice to say practical. The problem is people are confusing the constitutional and moral issues we have with the registry laws and the social consequences of our actions. Two separate issues. The crime this guy committed was at the same level as murder. Take a look at how society sees your employment options as a murderer, or better yet as someone who has been convicted of a much lesser offense of beating their wife, or arson. This guy should have accepted the median society has in place for offenses like his, somehow people think its only sex offenders that society puts this burden on, not true. This guy thinking he could stay in a position like this, regardless of his ability to influence people around him in order to get elected, is a delusional way of thinking, it just justifies the law makers passing unconstitutional laws like SORNA. So chikity check yourself before you wreck yourself. Mic Drop