Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Rodney Ferrer
I’m in a similar situation, I had the nice charge of saoc, class 4 felony where I moved from, first offense, had a deferred probation sentence was never required to register by the courts, I moved to pa and 3 years later a detective showed up at my door telling me I had to register with the psp, psp made me a tier 1 for 10 years then in 12/20/2012 I was upgraded to tier 2. My public defender urged me to take a plea screw also, my so called victim was my girlfriend who lied about her age, my older brother and his then girlfriend set us up, she wanted to hand out with the older crowed an be cool like them, there were two others that she was sleeping with who had paid attorneys so nothing happened to them, my family was broke so I got screwed. I am due relief because my ten years is well past due, you on the other hand pa does this bullshit date year meaning we actually have to go 11 years before we’re done, you should have one more year left with HB 1952 631 or whatever it is now, I’m not sure if you will need a judicial determination or not, that part I’m not sure about, I want to hire an attorney to speed up my process, reeds attorney won’t call me back because I’m considered an out of state offender, I talked to another lawyer who told me we will have to go to trial or something, his trying to rip me off basically so I’m not messing with that guy, lots of people want to rip us off that’s for sure, I have a couple more on my list after that I’m just going have to wait toll psp removes me.