Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Much love – I know you were praying with me – I did jump through the whoops to file (MANDAMUS) – – – – But I was Ten years x 1 year update OUT OF STATE. I came to Pa. in 2008. SORNA happened in 2012. I was put as teir pending for a year. Then put to teir 3 life time. on May 2009.

I been on SORNA 9 years 9 months. with credit for the year I was teir pending for a year. Which I guess took me over the top of the ten years.

I did joke and say that Chuck said all would beat me off the registry (wait that don’t sound right) many would be removed from the registry ahead of me. being stuck in court stuff.

G lawyer lady was in no position to take me on- she said my brief was unchangeable. So she asked me if we could enter into out of court arbitration settlement but she would have to file for extension, and for me not to oppose the continuance. She said I would be off the registry on 17 Feb 2018 – but PSP took me off 9 Feb 2018. They called me – – – -PSP ML section called me. . . . . Now I am wondering what was the Mandamus for. I did not get my day in court with a “judicial determination” you know me – that is what I been yapping about – – – –

But I am totally off clear and done in the sun. Chuck I am in support of your school schedule – It will only get greater later for you. Chuck you been a realist through and though – I have grown to accept your comments as wisdom and I have found that in most you have been RIGHT. You remind me of a thoughtful father guiding the children forward with all the info that they can get. Chuck thank you for being the voice of reason to me . . .