Reply To: SEX OFFENDERS should not be allowed to purchase lottery tickets; they just might win


I discovered just how corrupt the legal system is with my case. I went to the police after I suspected a girl was lying about her age on a dating website. The police wrote in the report that it was an escort page, when in reality it was a regular dating page on backpage. The report stated how the girl threatened suicide if I didn’t talk to her, and how she continually called and texted from different phone numbers that I was blocking. She then friended me on facebook with a fake name, and posted a mugshot of sex offender on my timeline. I asked her on FB if that was someone she put in jail, and she said “yes, because he had sex with me”. After that conversation is when I went to the police. I got a call 6 months later from someone claiming to be this girl’s friend. This person related to me the horrible things that happened to her as a result of me going to the police. She went to a mental institution for months after nearly killing herself. I eventually realized that this was the girl I was talking to. The police told me not to speak to her again, but I wasn’t about to call them again after hearing all the turmoil I caused the first time. Over the next year, she relentlessly called from different phone numbers after I blocked them. She constantly threatened suicide, and reeled me into bringing her food one day where she worked. That’s when she claimed I had sex with her in broad daylight in a busy parking lot, parked 5 cars away from the front door. I hired a lawyer, who assured me I had a very strong case, and that these cases frequently unravel in the deposition. I was hopeful because she was lying about a number of things that could be proven, and she could be pinned down about these things in the deposition. I saw many red flags leading up to the deposition. My lawyers treated me like they were prosecutors. It would take pages for me to list everything. I told my lawyer that I had an opioid addiction and just completed a 10 day detox, slipped on the 13th day but that I was entering rehab the next week. The next day I got a call from the same lawyer and she told me that the prosecutor found out somehow that I had used drugs and demanded that I come to the courtroom the next morning for a drug test. I of course failed, and they threw me in jail for violating my probation. I brought papers from many people saying I was scheduled for rehab and I had been actively participating in treatment and was totally open and honest. I never saw a judge, just straight to jail for 6 months where I got beat up for being in there for a sex case. The girl was schizophrenic but said she was bipolar in the deposition. My lawyer didn’t subpoena shred of evidence on my behalf. I paid him $30k dollars to defend me, knowing how easily people go to jail for this stuff with no evidence. She claimed I had sex with her, but only told people about 5 months after the alleged incident once she found out I was moving to another state. She had called right before I moved and I told her there’s no use calling me like this all the time because I was moving. The police asked her if she knew I was moving, but she lied and said she wasn’t aware. What previous posters have said in here is true, once they get in you in jail as a cho-mo, you’re very likely to take an offer. You hear horror stories about what will happen to you once you go to prison. Being on this list is the end of someone’s life. It’s worse than a death sentence, it’s a life of constant torture. If I have other legal cases, lawyers intentionally throw me under the bus. There’s vigilante people that look for people on the list to beat them up. It happened to me at work. I was a highly skilled worker who did work for NASA, Lockheed Martin, every branch of the military and government. Now I must paint to survive. Thoughts of suicide dominate my thoughts daily.

It’s common to read things like the first line of this article “once listed on a sex offender registry, no matter for what offense nor how long ago, is forever more thereafter considered unworthy of anything good ever happening in his life, this is it.” It even states, “no matter what offense…unworthy of anything good EVER happening in this life”. It’s so true that you’re lumped together with the worst, even if you just urinated in public. It’s so counter productive to society to create this marginalized society of very bitter and hopeless people. It does much more harm than good, and studies have shown the list does not accomplish what it sets out to at all. It’s little more than a punishment, a new kind of leprosy. Most European countries believe in rehabilitation through integration and building trust and responsibility, and these systems that treat people like human beings worthy of respect are very effective and have the lowest recidivism rates. It’s very simple to know why – people get into trouble through isolation, a loss of a network of friends or family, and exposure to bad or toxic social environments – especially while growing up. This all goes back to a vestigial organ of religion – the belief in free will. We are an organism just like everything else, we are an animal just like all the other animals. We are a complicated set of pre-programmed and conditioned responses to the stimuli around us. When we respond negatively this can be improved by improving the environment and other social factors. Having a positive network of friends and positive environment results in improved behavior. We should follow the example of the successful justice systems of other countries and learn from their successes. We need to eliminate the marginalized underworld that we’ve created in the huge corporate jail system. The prison system makes more money than wal-mart. All that money should be given back to society through productive rehabilitated individuals . To fuel hatred and revenge through this list is simply wrong. Norway’s prison system article: