Reply To: Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?


I am the offended offender , I walk 3 little girls to a school bus stop but I’m a registrant, I go to
Many places and greet other people’s kids but I’m a registrant, little innocent girls come to play with my kids in my home and I trust myself to let them in and they are protected and safe just like my very own, but I’m a registrant , my neighbor is a child welfare officer and likely has no idea about my offense as his kids come over to play with my kids, but remind me, who is the registrant ? I go anywhere I please and I’m not treated like a disease because my face doesn’t show up or name on the registry , but yet I’m a registrant, you will never know unless I tell you, you will never think unless my actions outweigh my own moral compass, if I am who you think I am you are misguided and should something register in your mind you would be least offended by me . I’m a man a Simple normal man , that had a consensual friendship with a teen from the onset , that purported a false legal age at the height of near 6ft. I’m offended because I am wanting to know who I actually offended my own judgement or that of an innocent teen? Where is the ⚖️ Where did I go wrong in my life to feel lonely and seek form someone who was 14 vs my 33? I only meant to love not hurt . Pediophilia is not worth its own self -biting terminology when not many can clearly define its terms. The words systems and social classes we place on each other are nothing but one-upisms I challenge anyone who thinks I will hurt any child or cause myself to ever again be criminally convicted. Damn the dubbing and the way you think you can classify me. I live free and define me ! Registry is nothing but a ruse and convenient go-to for political popularity and expediency.