Reply To: Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?


@Maestro. Ah maestro my friend, I wonder who’s burning down the house! While I hate debates myself I did want to listen on this type of debate since it talks about sex and offenses. Now who gave each person their sex & sexuality? Aside from that we all should know how to handle these Romeo and Juilet issues. But remember sex is only good in marriage?
Do you not think everybody has had sex of some sort or cheated on their wife, girlfriend or whatever.. Sure David had his affair in the Bible, Sure Samson had his Deliah but no one wants to hear about that old stuff. Its a computer age today and a who’s right and who’s wrong in this day and age. Should we all be punished by this or that, oh as long as the police don’t catch us we will be ok, or as long as my wife or girl friend doesn’t find out I’m cheating on her.
Well doesn’t our conscious convict us in different ways. I know you don’t like hearing this at times but we are all in a situation and NARSOL, and others are leading the cause in this topic that should be addressed today. Should we all say the internet is evil or is government at times spying on everyone these days thru this internet means.

Your ok maestro and so are a lot of others on here. At times I believe we are all just trying to burn ourselves out over this … as you call it, sex, sex, sex …. and someone wants to be right and believe it or not only one can be right when you really understand about all these sex situations and don’t look at me as I don’t think – remember. And maestro sex has been that way all thru history sex, sex, sex but don’t we still have justice and I mean true justice thats not watered down.