Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Your insistence that further time is non-consequential is only reflective of your situation. 2 years may not affect you because you are still in school, and you aren’t looking for a job yet, and all that. Good for you.

I have the best job of my life lined up to start March 1st. It’s a job I’ve worked hard for. A job I deserve. I have had offers for my literal dream job thwarted twice because I am illegally on this list. I don’t belong on it, and it has ruined my life.

“2 more years won’t hurt that much.” 2 more years may remove my final chance at my dream job, and be what finishes me off.

Please stop speaking from the privledge of your circumstance and realize that the procrastination of the PSP is ruining lives.

I should not be on this list. I plead to a deal to specifically keep me off this list. My life is already ruined by what I have already been illegally subjected to.

Please stop telling people to be patient. Please stop telling people that a little more time doesn’t matter. For those of us who are legally due relief, and should never have been on the list in the first place, every minute of illegal shaming may be the difference.