Reply To: Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?


This woman purposely avoided answering the question about muggers and arsonists. Wow! Is she part of Antifa ? The cowards who protest against the conservatives but run away from questions about why they’re protesting ?
I love how the moderator stuck it to her with saying that arsonists burn down houses and those houses can have children in them.
This country is stark raving mad about nothing more than SEX! SEX SEX SEX! That’s all we seem to care about! Burn my kids to death! Shoot my kids when you car jack me, but don’t you dare touch them in a SEXUAL way! (And when I say “kids” I don’t necessarily mean little tykes, I refer to teens who consent with older people also).

SEX SEX SEX! The most horrible thing to ever happen to human kind!!!