Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries



Hamilton took the only stance she could in her defense to keep the registry. She kept all of her focus on the children because this is something that does spark the most emotions from people. As Judith mentioned in these comments, it was a debate on different but related issues. One focused on the complete failure of the registry while the other focused on pedophiles. They both agree that juvenile and Romeo and Juliet cases need not be listed and the idea of stranger danger doesn’t exist. Which, “stranger danger” in my opinion, is the reason behind most of the unconstitutional restrictions placed upon registrants. As John also pointed out in his comment about Hamilton being an educated woman using debunked information and chose not to look at the unbiased research and empirical data is the same reason politicians do not use the research. They are focused on one arena which is feeding from the fear and getting votes while trying to portray any effort to protect children. The majority of the media just escalates the fear and public outcry. When the question arose about other types of crimes committed against children, if those convicted should be on a registry, it became clear to me she has just one goal of targeting registrants and pedophiles. When today I watch the news and see someone shooting up a school in Florida and killing a number of students again. Face reality, there are far bigger problems that need to be addressed rather than targeting the majority of registrants that the REAL DATA shows will not harm a child or anyone for that matter.