Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries


While I do agree that fear is a contributing factor to the proliferation of sex offender legislation, I have to say that the primary driving force is outrage and a desire to inflict unending punishment. After all, the mantra of these child victim advocates for years has been “Molestation imposes a life sentence on an innocent child. That child is scarred for life. Why should the offender get off with a few years in prison and then be able to go on with his (or her) life as if nothing ever happened?” Ergo, the laws, while couched in language that portrays them as civil regulatory measures for public safety, are actually designed to inflict unending punishment and make it where the least misstep can land an offender right behind bars; even when it’s an inability to pay massively inflated registry fees as in the case of Louisiana. The fee is expensive and offenders only have so many days after being released from prison to register. However, they can’t register if they don’t have the money.

My personal opinion is that all those who blindly and rabidly support these laws and the myriad of life-crippling restrictions included therein should have to live as a registered, supervised sex offender with diminished civil rights for at least 15 calendar years so they can see what it’s like with their own eyes.