Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries


I have decided to come back on NARSOL for various reasons. The last two articles that Sandy have been very positive to all and nothing wrong with a bit of input to help others. Isn’t helping others what its all about.. Now all of you seem to look at all this offender issue in human wisdom way whether its getting caught up on the internet or something else such as the prostitutie getting caught up by talking to a john and finding out it was a police officer they were talking to ,in all this by this computer aged stuff Oh yes prostitute’s get caught up. But when police prostitute themself to trap or snare their victim that is a different matter. A lot of this internet stuff all has to do with how one try’s one another and how one understands who is letting down their guard. Is all this sexual behavior Yes. Seems everybody wants to take a humanistic approach to all of this sex ordeals instead of a biblical view at times.
See a lot of this is a “grey area” but duping someone with this undercover computer ordeal is a bit much. I believe Ms. Hamiliton know’s that these internet sex sting operations are devlish schemes in nature done thru these internet devices. Are we all not carnal? Are we all not all sinners? I even told that to my PO that and he just looked at me. Most people don’t even want to admit they are a sinner if ask the direct question. Was using a potty mouth be a transgression…. or does it become a criminal offense if no one ask for sex?
Now the hard issue about this debate, which I did not see because I promised to never log in on face book is that one if for the registry and the other spoke against them. So actually are computers a good way to scam others YES. Now if people want to they can find pros and con’s in the bible about this issue. Only one has to keep an open mind and seek for oneself.
Now being caught up in public is entirely different and if you touch a kid or teenager improperly than that can be a mistake that can cost one jail or freedom of other things. If parents seem to want to justify their actions by getting authorities involved than that is on their conscious justification. Remember a lot teenager knew what he or she was doing. That child that was taken advantage of may have not. We can look at rape just as well. If they dont’ want to report the rape that is their discression. If they wait till about 20 yrs or so than they are hiding something or looking for some other motive. I’m sure nobody wants to go to jail or prison for injustice. We are all going to be judged whether good or bad in the last days.