Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I just had a bizarre interaction with the Megan’s Law Office. I have called a few times and had them be only helpful.

I began my call by stating that I believe I am someone who will be due relief, and was wondering if she could give me any update on where things stood, or whether or not I was on a list for review.

She cut me off before I could finish my first sentence saying “what?!? Who told you that you’d be getting relief.” I told her that nobody had “told” me, but that I was not required to register pre-SORNA, and that my understanding was that I would receive relief under Muniz, as well as under 1952/631. She said “did you receive a letter from ya saying that you’d be coming off?” I told her again, no, I was just looking for an update on their progress, to which she said “oooohhh so you just googled it.”

I began to ask again if she could just give me any kind of update, and she cut me off again saying “look there’s no list we have, all I can tell you is that we have 17,000 cases to review and we will be done when we are done.” And thus ended our conversation.