Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries

Judith Armatta

Hamilton and Horowitz were debating two different (though related) issues: 1) Hamilton addressed the need for a registry of pedophiles and conflated all those convicted of sex crimes with pedophiles, including all those who sexually molest children and everyone who commits a sex crime against an adult and victimless sex crimes. 2) Horowitz argued that registries (with @ 900,000 individuals) do not prevent or protect anyone from becoming a victim of a sex crime. Little was done to dispel the myth that all sex crimes = rape of a child. In reality, people have been convicted for touching a child outside her/his clothing, public nudity, streaking, mooning, taking photos of their nude children, public urination, sexting, and such. While Ms. Hamilton was a passionate advocate for children who are victims of sexual assault, no mention was made of the more prevalent physical abuse and neglect of children. Of course, it wasn’t the subject of the debate, but then, it never is.