Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries


Contemplate this question: Are Registered Citizens (RCs) the real “Walking Dead”? Think about this a minute. RCs, as we all know, are grey people or people without color, with out shape or form or substance. Buy do they walk around in a stupor, eyes glazed over, ashamed and afraid? For sure RCs are BANISHED (residency restrictions) DISENFRANCHISED (job restrictions) SCARLET LETTERED (name, address, photo etc., on public website) VICTIMIZED/STIGMATIZATION (vigilantism/targeted for derision). [Even an RC’s family may as well be a RC because they suffer the same fate.] These things are a sort of social, financial, and career death penalty. Does this describe the “Walking Dead”? We know, or should know, that laws targeting the RC are based on LIES, e.g., that: a) RCs pose a grave risk to the public, and b) that RCs have a, as Supreme Court Justice Kennedy issued in Smith v Doe (2003), “Frightening and High Recidivism rate”. This we now know from over 15 years of research by some of the most respected researchers in the Country, is not a lie, but a damn lie!!! And on that note, I would like to ask if Justice Kennedy has ever been presented with this research for example from Ellman, Levenson and others and apprised of his erroneous holding. And if so, in my opinion he should come forth, be a man and say he made a grave mistake and reverse myself. If he did so in my eye sight he would become a great justice. But LOL! We know that ain’t going to happen. So again, are RCs the real Walking Dead? You decide, thanks…