Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


My original conviction in 2004 did not include registration. Later on that year changes were made to ML requiring me to register for 10 years. SORNA changes in 2012 increased that time to lifetime. I looked forward to 2017 as a freedom year (as that was when my original, albeit unconstitutional, registration requirement was to end).

As of Feb. 12 I was still listed on the PSP website. Today, however, I have disappeared. Had I not followed the case, I would not have known to look as I’ve received no letter from MLS yet. We couldn’t afford a lawyer when the law changed, and I chose to wait it out while the Muniz case was in limbo…

I’m so thankful and overwhelmed seeing this wrong set right. I thought maybe someone else might have peace knowing that they really are reviewing and removing.