Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

No No Under HB 1952 page 109 lines 5-14 it talks about a “judicial determination”

That is a injunction by mandamus – you can file on or after the effective date of HB 1952 when it becomes law.

Chuck said that the judicial determination is Muniz- decision. I doubt that.

I filed a Mandamus and I was tier 3 life time. I am now off the registry all together by filing a judicial determination. It is what made the PSP act fast in my case. The court has not made a determination the PAG lawyer asked the PSP to take me off because she had no response to give to what I presented to the Commonwealth Court in a brief form.

I did have 90 days remaining on my time when the PSP took me from Tier 3 to ten years – But they opt to take me all the way off.

I have not heard any others on here talk about getting off beside me. Terry Brunson. I filed in court , and I got off that way. . . . My court case is still pending. I think the PAG Lawyer lady will say my Mandamus is Moot. The PSP will wait for HB 1952 to be made Law and give me problems maybe. But I am set for the new battle with HB 1952.