Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief


The idea that all SOs are worthless people will most definitely be challenged by the very people who persecute us. “The registry is not punishment” they will bay like carnival barkers selling illusions of legitimacy of their games or shows, “it is merely a civil list so parents can be aware of potential dangers in their neighborhoods.” All the while they heap more and more restrictions onto those who get listed under the bogus guise of protecting children. We need to acknowledge that the anger that is felt by our fellow citizens in regards to sexual offenses, especially when the victim is a child, is indeed legitimate. What is not legitimate is when that emotional reaction is allowed to morph into unchecked retaliation. But as we all know that is exactly what is happening. Behind all the rhetoric driving these restrictions is pure hate and ignorance. I could go on and on about how the majority of sex crime convictions are not the result of a legitimate pleas or the finding of actual guilt but rather from surrendering to what is nothing shy of blackmail by prosecutors who threaten to levy the massive weight of the system upon you at sentencing and “warehouse you in prison until the day you die” as was specifically said to me.

We all know the horror stories about the adverse effects the registry has on the families and those around the person scared by being on the list. What has happened by restricting us from returning to society as full productive members has ramifications that most people have never thought of such as preventing people like Chief Gilbert and others to be in the fire department. Allow me to give you a couple of examples;
An SO is enjoying a day at the beach on Long Island. He witness’s a older man caught in the surf and calling for help. There is no lifeguard at this particular beach so the SO pushes past the onlookers and dives into the water and rescues the elderly man who was exhausted and on the verge of succumbing to the waves. He gets the man back onto the sand and aides him while his breathing settles down to normal. And then the SO has to fade off and leave the area before anyone asks his name so he doesn’t get turned into his probation officer for being at a beach.
An SO is at a shopping mall and witness’ a person drop to the floor clutching her chest. The SO being a former paramedic assess’ the situation and starts CPR with no assistance from onlookers. It took no less than 7 mins for mall security to arrive with the automatic defibrillator and oxygen to take over her care. The SO fades into the background so he will not have to expose his name and start a fire storm about how the mall allows SOs to be on the property. The woman survived what would have been a fatal heart attack if she had been left to untrained onlookers and the SO was not there.
While driving along a windy road in Ct one Sunday, an SO in confronted with a bunch of cars haphazardly pulled off to both sides of the road with their flashers on. As he gets closer he sees that a pickup truck had hit head-on into a tree. There were no less than 15 people surrounding the truck. As the SO was passing he saw that the driver was slumped back and no-one was actually doing anything for him so he stops, grabs hit kit and walks back to the truck. Once there the assessment is critical. The men at the doors of the truck were asking over and over “Are you okay” “hang in there help is coming” and all that. The SO had to push past one of these men to gain access into the truck, found the driver was not breathing as a result of the trauma. He correctly re-positions the drivers head applying traction and the driver starts to breath again. The first emergency responder to arrive was a local police officer who was shaken and the SO had to instruct him as to what to do to help. Unfortunately while awaiting the arrival of rescue services, the drivers breathing faded away and his pulse soon followed. As soon as the fire department had taken over the scene the SO faded away and left before he was asked his name.

I know these examples are true because I was the ex-fire officer with 35 years experience as a firefighter-paramedic. Do we actually live in a society that would rather let these people die, so it can treat a person who has made a mistake as a leper? It seems we do and those people will most definitely answer to God at some point.

Chief Gilbert, is the one doing God’s work. Not the fanatics who caused him to leave. I would hope that he reconsiders his resignation because we so desperately need heroes like him to show that we are people would can be good productive members of society.

All these hysterical fanatics who want us put to death for our crimes need to take a long look in the mirror and realize, if there can not be redemption for everyone, then redemption can not be had by anyone including they themselves.