Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Daniel Silverman

Yes, sex offenders can hold jobs, do things, etc. But it’s difficult. A lot of what can be done, and how easily or not, will depend on where you live as a sex offender. For example, I’ve lived in two places in Virginia, one in a smaller city and one in a much more populated area. So far, the larger city has a much more lenient attitude toward sex offenders. In the smaller town, finding a place to live was difficult. When I moved to the larger city, I was worried that it would take forever to find a place. However, the first place I applied to accepted me without an issue.

But work has been a different story for me. I had my own thriving business and someone started emailing my clients that I was a sex offender. Long story short? I went out of business as contracts started to get canceled left and right and I had to close my business the end of last year. Now I am starting up again as a freelance artist, working from home.