Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


When hey did my report they wanted to give me SVP and the judge said “No”. I was assigned to 10 years annual registration tier 1.

As you probably know, SORNA increased 10 year registrations to 15 years. So they increased it to 15 years. However, due to Muniz, My sentence will be dropping to 10 yeas. In July, I will be celebrating(if you can call it that) 8 years on the registry. So I have 2029 and 2020 to go on the new law. It’s all good, I don’t finished school until 2021 anyways. I graduate in June and come off in July. Lord Willing!!!

I just want to rebuild my life. Finish school, pass the CPA Exam and apply for my Forensic Accounting credentials.
Then, I may look into applying for a Pardon. They are hard to obtain, but if you can show yourself worthy, they just might grant you one. Obviously, the serious the crime, the longer you have to be crime free. We will see. Everything I do is with an eye towards bettering myself so I can show the Pardon Bosrd I am attempting to pick up the pieces and move on with my life.

The registry hinders that. Although I have so many friends who don’t even care I am in the registry, the registry doesn’t impact my daily life. All my neighbors already know. I am a student so I don’t work. I get into this bubble and I have to remind myself “Oh Yeah, I am on the registry”. Too many people out there don’t want to listen to what happened. They just go with what they read and don’t ask questions. Oh well, we could of had a beautiful friendship. Next!!
My neighbors did try to call the landlord and “rat me out” for being on the registry and living with my niece and nephew. He said “I know he is on the registry. I also know his brother doesn’t have a problem living with him, and I don’t have a problem taking their money.” My neighbors were pissed!! They tried to harrass me. My Parole Officer at the time put a stop to that real quick. She had two police officers come out and tell my neighbor in no uncertain terms that they they came back out for him messing with me, he was going to Prison. That ended that.

It took me a long time to grow a thick skin. I dont tske am as out on the local Billboard saying “Hey I am a sex offender”, but I don’t not hide either. The local police chief told me. “ if you are doing nothing wrong, and they are messing with you dokey because you are a sex offender, we will arrest after the first warning. No warning if you get hurt.” Also, in Pa it is a hate crime to mess with a sex offender. Now, if you have s problem because I am in the registry, I am sorry for your inability to have compassion and trust all humans like humans. Even though my charges were false, I DO NOT go around saying “ I’m innocent, I m innocent”. First, no one cares. Second, it doesn’t matter. We all are suppose to have compassion towards one another.