Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief


I beg the difference. I am a tier 2 sex offender. I have upheald jobs, community services, baby sat kids, church services, heck even supported and went to community events firefighters events, voted, police events and even went to go to a public school for kids to watch plays and even up held a high standing community person. Everyone knows about my offence. It does not stop me from doing things that are great in life. Heck i even went on great vacations and even spent a week at the boy scout camp out as a volunteer scout master. I had found a great job opertunity and moved to pa. I will be teaching at a private class for kids to stay out of trouble and do community services kinda like a small team of adults with children to learn street smarts and great outdoor activities etc… once i get off the registery here shortly under the Muniz deal. So really s.o can be holding jobs etc… FYI!