Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


Today I was contacted by Adrian Vallens from the Michigan Law School legal clinic (with the ACLU) to set up an extensive interview with me regarding a Class Action lawsuit to expand the coverage in Does -v- Snider.
Michigan is still not updating its SORA rules and laws to conform to the Federal Rulings in applying the expostfacto law to all of us citizens.
In my opinion, Michigan seems to want to secede from the Union, and disobey the applicable Federal Constitutional laws everywhere it can.
However, if even one American/Michigan Citizen refuses to immediately obey even one law of Michigan, there are numerous State and County Prosecutors to swear out warrants for arrest and imprisonment pending trial!
So why, I continue to ask, are they not doing so for Snider, Schuette, and all of Michigan’s legislators for not obeying the laws, of which Court Rulings are among?
When I called to ask this to Snider’s and Schuette’s offices, and to the Michigan legislature (my Congresspersons and Senators) I was told they do not have to obey State or Federal Laws or U.S. Court rulings as elected officials and they are not empowered under separation of powers acts and legislative rules to investigate each other nor to have one another arrested, for any crime.
Yet, a terse reading of Michigan’s Constitution says these elected employees, public servants, MUST ALL obey the laws and court rulings, and they are able to investigate each other and they are able to present to prosecutors facts to have each other arrested and tried for these acts.
When will the cruel, overreaching and assinine SORA rules be rewritten to conform to both current Court Rulings and commonsense? There are numerous studies by recognized and competent individuals and groups proving these laws do not work nor serve any practical use. How many more lives will they impede upon and destroy? How many more families will be torn apart? How much more physical harm and PTSD will be compounded upon us? When will we be able to sue for monetary damages for what we have suffered and continue to suffer both mentally and physically?
The existence of the SORA laws only continues to fuel public ignorance and unfounded fear, to accelerate prejudice and hate and harassment and discrimination. These are very things which fill our newspapers and evening news reports daily, which are politically incorrect when applied to all other genre today. When will ALL LIVES MATTER?