Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Commonwealth v Muniz said that Pa cannot increase your original sentence. Once you have finished your original time on the registry, they will let you off. However, there is a sticking point where it gets tricky. Due to the Muniz decision and the Neiman decision technically there is no registry for people that started their time on the registry before 12/20/2012. For example, I have been on the registry since 2010. My original sentence was for 10 years so technically I have 2 years left. However, there is no registry. So this is what Pa is going to do. They are going to claim that the Muniz Decision does NOT apply to the new law because the new law is not punishment as it is civil in nature. So for all those pre-2012 people who havent completed their time will be forced to finish their time on the new law. So if your original sentence was 25 years, they are going to make you finish your 25 years, so on and so forth. I will have to finish my final 2 years on the new law.
Some people believe the new law is punishment and will be challenging the new law in court. If they win, pre 2012 people will not be able to be held on the new law.
If you have completed your original sentence, PSP will remove you from the registry as soon as they can get to you. You can file a writ of mandamus