Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Jim B

Chuck We have to remember the SOAB has a DR determination deciding what that risk level is with standard assessment tools, and the dr does a report. The board includes that risk level with its recommendation to the judge The board or judge doesn’t decide the risk level so I don’t see how they could have a hearing to decide what level you came out at by a DR. other than the SVP hearing.
If you decided to have your own separate expert dr interview you that DR would have done a similar risk assessment giving you a different score. The judge would have looked at both scores but he doesn’t take both scores and change it to one tier numberer score for risk, he just uses the information to make decisions.
You have no tier you’re on, that report was just a risk level to have more info about you, like I said you would have two scores if you had your own dr.
So I really don’t see how you could argue at a separate hearing about a score You already have the option at the SVP hearing and if you have the option to have your own expert present their score.
I do believe the SVP determination in new bill is going to get shot down because Butler says it has to be beyond a reusable doubt now to determine if you’re a SVP. Maybe some one else could explain it better to you so you understand.