Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Hi Jim,
Article 1 Sextion 1 of the Pa Constitution states that they cannot out two different subject in one bill. This is to prevent log rolling. For example let’s say Bill A is about tasing the minimum wage. Bill B is about raising taxes. Now no one wants to vote yes in raising taxes. So they combine Bill B with Bill A and title it Rsising the minimum wage Act. It passes becuase everyone likes raising the minimum wage for their people. This is log rolling. They can’t do that and they just did by adding HB1952 with the senate bill.
This is why Megans Law 3 was found to be unconstitutional. They log rolled it with 2 other subjects. They tried to say “Oh all the subject are about crime, so it is only one subject. The Pa Supreme Court rejected their argument in Commonwealth v Neiman in 2013. So since 2013 there has been no registry for Pre Sorna people who have finished their time. However, we had to wait for Muniz so the courts could tell PA they couldn’t use Sorna as they thought they could.