Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
When HB 1952 becomes law – in it it says that the PSP will give people who they put off under Muniz – and still has time to do to get up to Ten years of they were under life time non SVP. The ten year people will get a out date. The life time non SVP will have to do 25 years before they can petition to get off the registry. and every five years after that. SVP will have to do stright up life no 25 year chance to get off the registry under HB 1952.

Pre-Sorna people that are done their time will be off – unless they get a new offense. Now I have 3 months remaining but my Mandamus filing got me all the way off the registry fast.

The PSP can send me a 90 day notice to finish my 90 days out to end the tens they took me down to. I could file mandamus but it will take the mandamus more than 90 days to go through the court system – when the mandamus get to a judge – my 90 days would kick me off and I will be done forever- and the mandamus will become moot.