Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brain
a Do It Yourself (diy) book would not make that much cash. I would just do better giving people the steps by what the law says.

1. Under Pa. C.S. Section 761(a)(1) people in this Commonwealth can file for injunction relief by Writ of Mandamus.

2. The The filling of the Mandamus must be under R.A.P. Rule 1514(c) Must service Write by CERTIFIED MAIL to PAG office in Harrisburg, Pa. 15th Floor Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pa. 17120
3. After you file the initial Mandamus – you can – file a Brief to your situation in memorandum of case law and argument.
4. The by request under Pa. R.A.P. Rule 1532(b) you can motion for summary relief request.
5. The Judge will take over from there to read your brief and the PAG brief and make a “judicial determination”
6. If it is in your favor -YOU WIN AN ORDER OF RELIEF
7. If it is not in your Favor – YOU HAVE 10 DAYS TO APPEAL
8. oR 14 DAYS TO give reasons why re-consideration is in order.
9. When you appeal you must file leave of court to go to the higher court for appeal on your brief arguments. And make a request for the record of all objections to the court’s order on appeal.

That is the process in general order- It may change a little depending on specific circumstances in each case.