Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Cary
I am short 3 months from ten years – May 2018 is my out date. . . They had me go to tier 3 on SORNA which was life time X 3 times a year update report ins.

When 1952 makes law status the PSP can under HB 1952 make me get back on for 3 months. I would have 90 days to report in, and I would have to wait 1 year until my next report in to be off. I need 90 more days if the HB 1952 swallow me in. But as of now my name and information is off the registry. Knowing the PSP I am expectation to be hassled for that final 90 days.

Those who have ten years and not done yet can file a “judical determination” to get off. If I do that by the time it get in front of a judge I would be off and the filing would be moot.