Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


This will be my last comment on NARSOL for a very good while as I shouldn’t have even crossed over the line and commented on PA laws in the first place much less try and use some biblical values in all this.
Even Robin can see some of these comments where getting out of hand in a lot of ways. Its as if man is trying to justify man and his or her actions in this Public Safety thing. Sure I commented about bondage and sure when one’s probation and time is up, whether incarcraced or not that should be the end of the matter.
Seems like big brother is duping all in all this endeavor. Are we not all for one and one for all or should we let others just fend for themselves. I really doubt that is what NARSOL was created for. So forgive me for crossing the line and using some christian golden rules in all this sex endeavor as I doubt I’m a day dream believer as the beatles said once.