Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
I may miss the HB 1952 Notice. My out date is May 2018 not May 2019 I was off by one year. I just counted it up. HB 1952 will not swallow me into the 90 day notice stuff. I am done. I told Chuck that the Mandamus Writ is a powerful Writ.

The PAG lawyer told me in my ear that I had a strong Mandamus that she could not find anything to oppose with a fight. That is why the PSP asked her if I would go into arbitration and agree to with draw suit – because the case law and argument I put up was awesome. She said that I filed as good as a lawyer.

When I made that one mistake – I found R.A.P. Rule 1532(b) which saved me. Only down fall is the judicial determination from a judge is what I needed. Muniz – now is my Judicial determination because that is the case I relied on in my fight.

I also had Reed too. But bottom line – – – – as of Feb 9, 2018 9:22 a.m. I was taken off the registry. I did file in court but I did not get a judge decision. The PSP saw that they could not fight what I filed. And entered into summary arbitration and agreed to remove me without any opposition in good faith.

I now have to file a motion of withdraw – on mootness. But I will do that when I get my letter in the mail to show the court as proof of settlement with PSP. The is going to be my final filing to close my case.

Filing is what got me off. I know it did. If I did not file I would still be waiting to come off.

I tried my best to tell all on this page that I know how to help you get off the registry. I did it step by step with God’s helps. And Encouragement from Brian, Chuch, Cary, Bill, Snoopy, and others – – THANK YOU ALL I WILL NEVER FORGET THE TIMES WE ALL HAD IN THIS FIGHT.

Freed in HB 1952 will find a way to pin Pre-SORNA people with time remaining into staying on the HB 1952 for 25 years – and every 5 years after the 25 you can petition the court.

There is a judicial determination element in the bill for those who want to fight the reputation shaming and ex post Facto. I think the PSP will argue Civil Collateral Consequence. The PASC must decide that issue. I may not be in the fight any more. I think the PSP saw may ability and thought if we give Terry Brunson what he want. No one will pro-se like him. They will need a lawyer and don’t have money for one. I think that may be the case